Illinois passes important solar legislation

By Becca Stone, Summer Internship Communications Team This past spring legislative session, Illinois passed climate action bill HB2192, allowing park districts to enter leases, contracts, or other agreements that relate to the “acquisition of solar energy.” This bill was necessary to increase the agency of park districts seeking to enact stronger climate policy by enabling […]

The General Assembly Passes Fertility Fraud Bill

By Aditee Sakhare, Summer Internship Communications Team Rep. Didech is proud to have been the Chief House Sponsor of SB0380 which will outlaw “fertility fraud,” defined as when a health care provider has used their own reproductive cells during a treatment without the patient’s informed consent. The bill will make “fertility fraud” a civil offense, […]

SNAP Emergency Benefits Ended Mar. 1

Important updates to federal nutrition benefits We’re posting to share some recent updates about federal changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP benefits help over two million Illinois residents access nutritious food for themselves and their families. In 2020, nearly 67,000 residents of Lake County alone relied on SNAP benefits, with the number […]

Critical legislation passed in the January 2023 Lame Duck Session

By Tisha and Vageesh, Spring Internship Communications Team The General Assembly wasted no time passing important legislation when they returned to Springfield for January’s lame duck session. These laws will save lives, and Rep. Didech was proud to co-sponsor both of these important initiatives. Gun safety measures: During the lame duck session, the Illinois General […]

Historic Budget Relief Gets Passed in the 2022 Spring Session

By Josh Weiner, Summer Internship Communications Team Many members of the Illinois General Assembly know that the pandemic and inflation have been burdening Illinois families and passed a historic relief package this past session, which also promises to increase the fiscal stability of Illinois.  To help combat inflation, the Illinois budget includes over $1.8 billion […]

Bills that passed the Illinois House in the 2022 Spring Session

By Aniketh Bhaskar, Summer Internship Communications Team The Illinois General Assembly’s 2022 legislative session adjourned on April 9th, 2022, and State Representative Daniel Didech, D-Buffalo Grove, and his colleagues in the Illinois House have been hard at work voting on numerous bills that may improve the lives of his constituents. Bills that Rep. Didech voted […]

HB168 passes the House & Senate, advancing animal welfare in IL

By Sammie Reinstein, Summer Internship Communications Team Representative Didech was the chief sponsor of HB168, an animal welfare bill which amends the Humane Care for Animals Act, expanding the power of courts and law enforcement to prohibit people convicted of animal cruelty crimes from owning animals in the future. Under this bill, in addition to […]

HB160 and HB169 pass in the House & the Senate

By Sammie Reinstein, Summer Internship Communications Team These bills make it easier on students to participate in religious traditions. During this past legislative session, Representative Didech was the chief sponsor of two bills – HB160 and HB169 – that amend the School Code to better enable students to participate in their religions by relieving administrative […]

Didech Celebrates Wins from this Legislative Session

By Catherine Cabrera, Summer Internship Communications Team The spring 2021 legislative session wrapped in June, and many of the bills sponsored by State Representative Daniel Didech, D-Buffalo Grove, passed in both houses of the General Assembly. These are currently awaiting Governor Pritzker’s signature to officially make them law. Bills sponsored by Didech that recently passed […]

Thanking Our Health Care Workers & First Responders

Our health care workers and first responders are brave, compassionate, and vital. Please show your support with these yard signs, which are free and will be safely delivered to your home. To request one, complete the form below.