Illinois passes important solar legislation

By Becca Stone, Summer Internship Communications Team

This past spring legislative session, Illinois passed climate action bill HB2192, allowing park districts to enter leases, contracts, or other agreements that relate to the “acquisition of solar energy.” This
bill was necessary to increase the agency of park districts seeking to enact stronger climate
policy by enabling and easing park districts’ ability to enter into contractual agreements related
to solar energy. As a truly renewable and clean energy source, solar energy plays an important
role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming, thereby mitigating
climate change. It can also improve air quality and reduce water use associated with energy production.

After passing both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly in early June 2023, Governor
Pritzker signed the bill into law on Jun 30, 2023, and it went into effect immediately.

Note: the “acquisition of solar energy” refers to the installation, maintenance, and service of
solar panels, equipment, or similar technology related to solar energy.

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