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Lake County State Representatives Call on County Board to Provide Property Tax Relief

Today, State Representatives, Daniel Didech (D – Buffalo Grove), Rita Mayfield (D- Waukegan), Bob Morgan (D – Deerfield) and Joyce Mason (D-Gurnee) are urging the Lake County Board to take action to provide property tax relief to Lake County residents facing economic turmoil as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Section 21-40(c)(1)(a) of the Property Tax Code gives the Lake County Board wide-ranging powers to provide property tax relief when the county has been deemed a disaster area by the President of the United States. On March 26, 2020, President Donald Trump formally declared the entire state of Illinois a disaster area due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. This declaration triggers the Lake County Board’s power under state law to exempt penalties for property taxes paid late.

Reps. Mayfield, Didech, Morgan and Mason are urging the Lake County Board to utilize these powers to waive late fees for the upcoming June property tax installment.

Statement by Rep. Daniel Didech:

Governor Pritzker’s executive order was the right thing to do to save lives, but the overall economic impact caused by COVID-19 will be staggering. The loss of jobs and income will be even harder for Lake County families to stomach because so many of us are saddled with unfair property tax bills. Now is not the time to insist that everyone should continue making their property tax payments as if this is business-as-usual. Waiving late fees for a period of time is a common-sense measure that would provide much needed property tax relief and ensure that our local governments will have the resources they need to provide the essential services that we all rely upon.

Statement by Rep. Rita Mayfield:

At a time when so many of our neighbors are uncertain what their next paycheck will look like, it would be the wrong approach for Lake County to provide no property tax relief whatsoever. These extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Only the Lake County Board has the power to provide property tax relief right away to every property owner in Lake County. The Lake County Board should do the right thing and join us on the side of so many struggling homeowners to waive the late fees.

Statement by Rep. Bob Morgan:

Lake County should follow the State of Illinois in taking the burden off of working families who are enduring the economic impact of this pandemic.